Sebelius Shows Cowardice, Cronyism, by Vetoing Clinic Regulations Late Friday

WICHITA, KS — Governor Kathleen Sebelius vetoed HB 2503, the Women’s Health Protection Act, late Friday just minutes after a media appearance in Wichita, KS, where she was met by Operation Rescue who urged her to sign the measure that would have required abortion clinics to be licensed and regulated. The measure had passed both houses of the Kansas Legislature by an overwhelming supermajority.

“Sebelius has shown cowardice in vetoing this bill late Friday on the last day allowed by law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If she was proud of the documented filthy abortion clinic conditions where dead rats are putrefying next to open buckets of dead babies, and proud that a Texas teen died at an unregulated abortion mill in January, then she should have vetoed in the light of day when it first came to her desk.”

Sebelius stated in her veto message that “As governor, nothing is more important to me than the safety and good health of our citizens. Kansans must be assured when they receive care in a hospital or clinic that their providers meet high standards of safety and responsibility.”

However, Operation Rescue sees those words as hypocritical, at best.

“There is a crisis at the abortion clinics in our state that does not exist in any other medical profession. If the governor truly cared about the safety and good health of women, she would not have vetoed this bill and allowed these deplorable conditions to continue,” said Newman.

“Sebelius is acting more concerned about catering to her crony and big campaign donor, abortionist George Tiller, who lines her campaign coffers with blood money, than she is concerned about the women who are being maimed and killed in our state’s dangerous abortion mills,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger, who submitted documentation of five botched abortions and one abortion-related death to the Kansas Senate Committee on Public Health and Welfare. “Sebelius has accused legislators of playing politics with this bill, but in reality this is the most tragic example of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.”

Photos of OR’s Outreach to Sebelius minutes before veto
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  • the McNutts

    Sebelius’ words about ensuring safety in Kansas medical facilities do seem much more hypocritical than “Hippocratical”…however, she did limit her concern TO KANSANS, and so many of Tiller’s quarry hail from other states, even other countries.

    We would definitely be interested to learn just how she intends to ensure safety to Tiller’s Kansas victims, and why she is so callously indifferent to the welfare of his extra-Kansan quarry.

  • jerome

    i think this story goes to show what happens when a politician is bought and paid for by the abortion industry, whose lip service to “women’s health” and “women’s rights” is nothing short of obscene.

    anyone who truly cared about the welfare of women would’ve signed this bill in a heartbeat. sebelius clearly is unable to even so much as go to the restroom without abortion industry permission. i’m sure we can expect nationwide attention to this story, and anticipate that investigative reporters far and wide will cover it thoroughly……


  • Susan Ratliff

    the tragic stories of two women dying at tiller’s abortion clinic this year 2005 should be being covered by Fox News and other media. get the word out to the media about these two women. national media attention is the only way to put pressure on sebelius to do the right thing. it’s also the only way to get kansans to get to the polls and get her out of office!

  • Rick Ellis

    How dare us Pro-lifers call into question the decissions of Sebelius. Can’t we get it thru our heads that these people are so much more intelegent than we are?

    We should just rejoice that they are here to protect us from ourselves. [hold on a minute my toung got stuck in my cheek]

  • Theresa

    Rick, are you reading the same article we are? This so called “intelligent” woman (who by the way, calls herself a Catholic) has just struck down a bill that could have greatly helped the pro-life movement and possibly saved thousands of babies and women. Clinics could have been shut down because of their disgusting conditions. Now they won’t have such an easy chance. So forgive me if I’m not worshipping the ground Sebelius walks on…