Washington, DC – Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services today in the U.S. Senate after hours of debate, by the vote of 65 to 31.
Senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts of Kansas both voted to confirm Sebelius over the strenuous objections of pro-life, conservative groups.
Most Senators who rose in opposition to Sebelius during the sometimes tedious debate voiced concern for her connections to late-term abortion George Tiller and her lack of candor over campaign contributions she received from him.
Dr. Tom Coburn, Senator from Oklahoma said today that late-term abortion is “barometer for the soul of our nation,” and that Sebelius “lacks part of the moral clarity” needed to lead our nation.
“This is obviously a step in the wrong direction for our nation. With Sebelius, we can expect to see increased protections on predatory abortionists, taxpayer funded abortions, and rationed health care that could cost lives,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “With this confirmation, Obama is continuing to build a Culture of Death in our nation.
“However, we are encouraged that 31 senators rose in opposition to Sebelius. That is more that we had first expected and we are grateful to each of them for their efforts to block this pro-abortion nomination. It shows a divided Senate that will be keeping a close eye on Sebelius in the coming term.”