Sebelius’ abortion extremism makes her unfit to serve and unfit for pro-life senators’ votes

Washington, DC – Pro-life supporters will be carefully watching tomorrow’s scheduled vote on the confirmation of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services Secretary, a vote that could determine how much support from the conservative grassroots some senators will continue to enjoy.
Sebelius has faced growing opposition since it was revealed that she underreported the amount of campaign contributions she received from the notorious late-term abortionist George R. Tiller. Her attempts to conceal her ties to Tiller have raised questions of her integrity and her judgment.
“Almost anyone would be better at HHS than Kathleen Sebelius. Her devotion to the abortion lobby has often clouded her judgment and influenced her decisions. There just isn’t anyone out there as extreme on the abortion issue as Sebelius,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Operation Rescue was the first to publicize Sebelius’ misreporting of her financial ties to Tiller, and launched a campaign urging its supporters to contact their senators in opposition to Sebelius’ nomination.
Operation Rescue also acquired and published photos of Sebelius entertaining Tiller and his abortion clinic staff at the official governor’s mansion in 2007, while he was under investigation by the Attorney General and the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts for committing illegal late-term abortions.
“We will be watching the Senate vote very carefully. For many, this vote will be a deal-breaker,” said Newman. “We are tired of politicians who campaign on the pro-life platform, then do not support that rhetoric with their votes. Opposing Sebelius should be the obvious right thing to do.”
Especially troubling is the support Sebelius has received from the Republican senators from Kansas, Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback.
“In a time when even the moderate RNC Chairman is coming out against Sebelius, Roberts and Brownback find themselves on the wrong side of this nomination,” said Newman. “We are praying that these men will come back to the values that got them elected, and reverse their support for Sebelius.”
“Whether we win or lose on tomorrow’s vote, Sebelius had become damaged political goods,” said Newman. “If she manages to survive the vote, she will be going into one of the most important positions in our government with a radical agenda, but with clipped wings that could impede her ability to implement that agenda. That alone is a small victory for us.”
Background – Why Sebelius Is Unfit To Serve