“Abortion Cartel” continues to crumble
Seattle, WA — Aradia Women’s Health Center, an abortion clinic that has operated for 34 years, has announced that it will permanently close at the end of January, 2007. Aradia’s president, Scott Leopold, told clinic supporters in a letter posted to their web site that the decision to close Aradia was a financial one.
“The trend of closed abortion mills continues,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is the fifteenth abortion mill to close in about 13 months. This is evidence that the abortion cartel is crumbling.”
Aradia was established in 1972 by the YWCA as the first non-profit health clinic in Seattle. In 1973, it began providing abortion counseling and in 1977 became a full-fledged abortion mill. It was responsible for 54,000 abortions and was a training center for over 1,000 abortionists over three decades of operation.
“Apparently their training was ineffective, since the vast majority of those trained thankfully did not stay in the abortion business,” said Newman.
In recent years the clinic suffered financially. Leopold cited the rising cost of doing business and number of women unable to pay the full price for their abortions as the reason Aradia could no longer stay in business.
“Interestingly, the letter announcing the closure repeatedly refers to the ‘success’ of the abortion mill. When one’s business fails for financial reasons, one should hardly call that ‘success,’” said Newman. “That use of language is just an example of how the abortion cartel creates their own reality with euphemisms to cover up the truth. Business failure becomes ‘success.’ Killing babies and traumatizing women becomes ‘sensitive abortion care.’ Fantasy world aside, this mill is responsible for immeasurable human suffering. The Seattle area will be a better place once its doors close for good.”
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