San Diego, CA – About a thousand pro-life supporters rallied at the San Diego County Administration Building on Sunday to hear leading pastors encourage them to act to stop abortion. The rally was held to coincide with the time when President Barack Obama was making his controversial appearance at Notre Dame University.
Speakers included pastors of area “mega-churches” most of which have previously been reluctant to become involved in pro-life activism. Featured were Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church, who helped organize the event, Pastor David Jeremiah of Shadow Mountain Community Church and Host of The Turning Point, Pastor Miles McPherson of the Rock Church, Pastor Mike MacIntosh of Horizon Christian Fellowship, Pastor Shawn Mitchell of New Venture Christian Fellowship, and Pastor Chris Clark of East Clairemont Southern Baptist Church.
Other speakers included Oakland Pastor Walter Hoye and UCLA student Lila Rose, who has exposed criminal conduct at Planned Parenthoods across the nation with her undercover videos.
“This event was the answer to about 20 years of praying that these men, leaders in the San Diego faith community, would engage the culture and stand in defense of the pre-born. I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see this happen,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger, who led pro-life activism in the San Diego area for two decades before leaving to work with Operation Rescue at its national headquarters in Kansas.
“Many of the pastors involved have national influence and have the ability to spark a revival that could sweep the nation. With pro-life sentiment rapidly gaining momentum, the Church may be finally be on the verge of awakening to its responsibility to stop the shedding of innocent blood. We are excited and encouraged by what we are seeing in San Diego.”
Below is a video from a local San Diego news station. Featured in the video is an interview with our dear friend, former Operation Rescue spokesperson Sylvia Sullivan.