Statement to ORW calls his credibility into question
source: abc newsBOSTON, MASS — ABC veteran reporter Sam Donaldson was confronted by Operation Rescue West’s Truth Trucks on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Donaldson was crossing the street at a traffic light just a few feet in front of one of the Truth Trucks when ORW president Troy Newman spotted him entering a rally hosted by Missouri Representative Dick Gephardt.
Newman pulled out his bullhorn and said to Donaldson, “Look at the babies,” referring to the graphic images of aborted children that were displayed on the Truth Truck’s billboard-sized panels. “It’s time to tell the truth about abortion. Tell the truth that abortion kills babies.”
According to Newman, Donaldson turned, thrust his right arm into the air and shouted, “Never!”
“If Sam Donaldson promises to never tell the truth about abortion, one must wonder what else he is not telling the truth about. His response to us shows his true colors as an ideologue, and destroys any credibility he may have had as a journalist.” –Troy Newman, ORW President