Elkton, MD – A trial date has been set for abortionist Nicola Riley, who has been charged with First-Degree Murder in the death of a viable baby at an illegal late-term abortion clinic in Elkton, Maryland, in 2010. Riley’s trial has been scheduled to take place from June 27 through July 18, 2012, with a day off allowed for July Fourth.
Charged with Riley was her employer, the notorious abortionist Steven Chase Brigham, who is slated for trail on June 4-15, 2012, on five counts of murder in the first degree for illegal abortions that were started in Voorhees, New Jersey, and completed in Elkton, Maryland. Brigham has never been licensed to practice medicine in Maryland.
On Monday, Deputy State’s Attorney Kerwin A. Miller filed an answer to Brigham’s motion to dismiss the charges. Brigham claimed that Maryland has no jurisdiction under their fetal homicide law because the pre-born babies were killed in New Jersey and only evacuated from their mothers’ wombs in Maryland.
However, Miller stated in court records that the babies died in Maryland and if Brigham wants to argue otherwise, that should be done before a jury at the time of trial.
“Therefore, any legal strategy by Defendant to now allege ‘the place where the fetal demise occurred was in New Jersey and not in Maryland’ is a factual dispute, not the appropriate consideration for a motion to dismiss indictment, but rather the appropriate consideration for a jury of Defendant’s peers,” stated Miller in opposition to Brigham’s motion.
Operation Rescue released documents obtained through open records requests that indicate at least one of the babies never received the fatal intrauterine injection that would have insured the baby’s death prior to the abortion, meaning he was very likely alive at the time Riley began the dismemberment abortion in Elkton.
“This case is one of critical importance because it is the first time the fetal homicide law has been applied to illegal late-term abortions,” said Newman. “As we get a glimpse into the minds of the prosecutors through these court records, we are beginning to see more details of these nefarious crimes. We pray that justice is done and that this case sends a strong message to the rest of the abortion cartel that they are not above the law.”

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