Jefferson City, MO — Operation Rescue has chosen Holy Week to attempt to “resurrect” an abortion ban introduced in Missouri earlier this year. The bill, SB 1248, would ban abortions in the State of Missouri and make the commission of an abortion a Class B felony.
Two Truth Trucks with large images of aborted children with the caption “Stop Abortion Now!” have been circling the capital city since Tuesday. Today, a group of pro-lifers will gather to pray for the passage of the bill and to speak as private citizens to members of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Energy, and the Environment, where the bill has been stalled since March 9, 2006.
“We were told that this bill had great support initially, but opponents sent it to the Commerce, Energy and Environment Committee where it was hoped that it would die in obscurity,” said Operation Rescue Troy Newman. “What better time to attempt to ‘resurrect’ the bill than Holy Week when the minds of most people are turned to the life-giving resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”
“Whoever assigned SB 1248 to that committee is simply playing politics with innocent lives,” said Newman. “We know there is support for this bill. For the sake of the thousands of children this bill would save, it deserves a fair up or down vote, not political back-room shenanigans. There is little hope that the bill will pass out of committee without an outcry from the public.”
If the politicking with innocent lives concerns you, these are the people who are holding the Missouri abortion ban hostage:
Missouri State Senate Commerce and Environment Committee Members
David Klindt, Chair
State Capitol Building, Room 319
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-1415
FAX: (573) 751-8342
Kevin Engler, Vice-Chair
State Capitol Building, Room 428
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-3455
FAX: (573) 522-9318
Matt Bartle
State Capitol Building, Room 431
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-1464
FAX: (573) 751-8442
John Griesheimer
State Capitol Building, Room 227
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-3678
FAX: (573) 526-2609
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Chris Koster
State Capitol Building, Room 225
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-1430
FAX: (573) 751-9751
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Luann Ridgeway
State Capitol Building, Room 419
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-2547
Joan Bray
State Capitol Building, Room 434
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-2514
FAX: (573) 526-2612
Victor Callahan
State Capitol Building, Room 328
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-3074
FAX: (573) 751-4551
Tim Green
State Capitol Building, Room 330
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 751-2420
FAX: (573) 751-1598