WICHITA, KS — Rescuers gathered outside the apartment complex of abortion worker Debora Esquina to pray for her repentance and tell her neighbors the truth about what she really does for a living.
Esquina is an employee of late-term abortionist George Tiller. She has been photographed flipping off pro-lifers as she has arrived for work at Tiller’s notorious abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services. This troubled abortion mill is the sight of a string of recent botched abortions, including one abortion death last January.
With the Truth Truck parked in an abandoned parking lot adjacent to the apartment complex, Rescuers held signs identifying Esquina as an abortion worker along with signs depicting images of aborted babies like the ones Esquina helps to kill.
An apartment manager attempted to move the Rescuers down the block and away from the apartments, but instead received a lesson in First Amendment application. The police were summoned and six squad cars responded, even though there were only seven praying Christians participating.
Another woman, seemingly associated with the apartments came out to inform the Rescuers that she was “anti-abortion” but then proceeded to defend her abortion-profiting neighbor and express her disapproval for the aborted baby posters. Rescuers pointed out that if it weren’t for Esquina and others like her, those pictures would not exist. They added that if she were consistent, she should be more upset that babies are being butchered with the help of her neighbor than with someone telling the truth about it.
“I have to wonder how it is that Ms. Esquina can live at peace with herself knowing she is a willing participant, not only in the deaths of thousands of pre-born babies, but also in the butchery of so many women,” said one of the prayer participants. “I would imagine that she probably doesn’t have peace. It is our hope and prayer that Ms. Esquina will repent from her part in the shedding of innocent blood, quit her job, and come clean with the authorities about improprieties inside the mill and about the abortion mishaps that have cost at least one woman her life, and others their health. The truth will set you free, Debbie.”
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