Closed abortion mill trashes its suction machine

San Jose, CA — The Women’s Community Medical Clinic, an abortion mill in San Jose, California, permanently closed on March 20, 2005, after 32 continuous years of child-killing. Rescuers arrived at the mill on April 2, 2005, to find a note on the door referring women to a competitor.
Upon closer inspection, rescuers discovered that the mill had been cleaned out and much of the office contents disposed in a nearby dumpster. Found among the discarded office and computer equipment was a GOMCO 280 vacuum aspirator, the machine used for first trimester suction abortions.
“It’s disturbing to think of how many innocent children were brutally killed by this machine,” said OR president Troy Newman. “But it is equally comforting to know that it will never kill another.”
The demise of this abortion mill adds to the growing list of California clinics to fail in recent months, including an FPA in Ventura, and a Duarte mill in Moreno Valley. We pray this trend continues.
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