San Francisco, CA — Each year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists holds a conference. This conference is mandatory for any practicing ob/gyn at least once every five years. The 2005 conference was attended well, with thousands of doctors present. More noteworthy were the baby killers, about 2,000 strong in attendance. This year’s convention boasted several seminars on abortion procedures.
To oppose the abortion-themed affair, over thirty pro-lifers were able to attend, protesting outside the Moscone Center buildings in San Francisco, where the conference was held. Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Patrick Johnston, of Ohio, the pro life presence was constant, as the volunteers were put up in a hotel not five blocks away from the event. Operation Rescue’s two Truth Trucks circled the complex and visited heavily traveled tourist locations.
The buildings housing the conference were located parallel to each other, across a busy street. Doctors and abortionists alike had to cross at a crosswalk flanked with pro-life picketers and photos of dead babies. Some doctors looked away in disgust, some had choice words to say to the picketers, and some openly admitted to performing abortions. When confronted with the dirty, dark side of their industry, nearly all appeared ashamed or embarrassed of their chosen profession. Many were too upset to stop and talk, but rushed by the protesters with their heads down.

Both sides of the street were armed with bullhorns, and the pro-life crowd spoke eloquently about the destruction of human life. Added to that, the Truth Trucks circled the block as attendees entered and exited the buildings. Not only were the doctors affected, but pedestrians appeared stunned by the large pictures of aborted babies on the trucks as they drove by.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday were spent on the streets, picketing the event. Monday afternoon, however, a team of young people visited the three hotels where most of the doctors attending ACOG were staying. Going from floor to floor, the team slid pieces of pro-life literature under each closed door. The abortionists at the hotel must have been stunned to find literature denouncing their work when they returned to their rooms.
The five-day event concluded with a baby saved. Praise the Lord, a young woman just over four weeks pregnant saw the signs and decided not to kill her child. Pray that she has the courage to stick with her decision.
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