Tax-funding of abortions in Washington, DC would further target Black population.

Washington, DC – Kansas Rep. Todd Tiahrt made remarks in opposition to tax-funding of abortion, which would increase abortion especially among the impoverished, predominately Black communities of Washington, D.C.
Rep. Tiahrt rightly noted that tax-funded abortion would “encourage women who are single parents, living below the poverty level, to have the opportunity for a free abortion.”
He then remarked that if tax-funded abortion had been available, perhaps President Obama or Clarence Thomas may have been aborted.
“If you take that scenario and apply it to many of the great minds we have today, who would we have been deprived of? Our president grew up in those similar circumstances. If that financial incentive was in place, is it possible that his mother may have taken advantage of it?” Rep. Tiahrt said.
Now Rep. Tiahrt is taking criticism from liberal press and politicians. Some are even asking for an apology.
However, Tiahrt’s remarks were exactly on point, and actually did not go far enough. He is criticized for mentioning two Black men that could have been aborted if their mothers had been offered government subsidized abortions. In fact, Black women are disproportionately targeted for abortion.
The abortion movement in America was founded with racist motives designed to eliminate the Black population. (Full documentation available in Life Dynamics, Inc. documentary “Maafa 21.”)
Today, the abortion rate for Black women is five times higher than the abortion rate for white women. While only 13% of American women are Black, they account for 36% of all abortions.
Just last year, a Planned Parenthood office in Idaho was caught encouraging donations to pay for abortions on Black women.
“The bill that Rep. Tiahrt bravely opposed would further target vulnerable Black women for abortions. It is racist at its core,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“But after 50 million abortions on all races, it is clear that we have been denied those who would have enriched us as a people. Have we aborted the one who would have had the intellect and inspiration to find a cure for cancer, or find ways new to feed the hungry? It is a legitimate question that needs to be asked, because the societal impact of abortion is deep and devastating, and affects us all. The last thing abortion promoters want is dialog on this subject.”
Watch Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s remarks.