Next Step: City Council Meeting Tuesday

Aurora, IL — Over 1,000 pro-life supporters protested Saturday at a Planned Parenthood abortion building that was built under an assumed name. The group is fighting to stop the abortion business from opening in this suburban city outside Chicago.
“The numbers of people rising up to oppose Planned Parenthood in Aurora are growing exponentially,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “That sends a strong signal to the community that the people of Aurora do not want Planned Parenthood conducting their bloody business where they are raising their families.”
Yesterday’s crowd of over 1,000 more than doubled the previous number of 400 protest participants at the last rally. Abortion supporters were only able to muster about three-dozen counter-protesters on Saturday.
The community was angered when it learned that a building, which was permitted and constructed under the fictitious name “Gemini Medical Center,” was really a Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Even city officials did not know the true nature of the building project. Pro-lifers have been working hard to prevent it from opening on September 18.
There have been continuous prayer vigils at the construction site since August 8.
Joe Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League, which is organizing the effort, told reporters that the next step is to address the City Council next Tuesday, August 28.
Operation Rescue is urging the public to continue to contact Aurora Mayor Tom Weisner and ask him him to direct the Division of Building and Permits to deny the occupancy permit to Planned Parenthood.
Mayor Tom Weisner
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