Producer of Abortion Film “Silent Scream,” Dr. Don Smith, Has Died

It is with great sadness that we must inform you that Dr. Don Smith passed away on Wednesday, January 31, 2019.

He was a warm friend with great intelligence who used his gifts to glorify God and save innocent lives from abortion.  We were blessed to have him help us organize and edit our first real book, Their Blood Cries Out.  His keen insight, steadfast faith in God, and fierce dedication to ending the barbaric practice of abortion in our country will be deeply missed.

Dr. Don, as he was known, was a scientist and research engineer when he dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ and began to ponder how God might use him, especially with his scientific background.

One of his long-time friends, Tim Palmquist, Founder of Lifesavers Ministries, posted on Facebook Dr. Don’s own account of what happened next.

Dr. Don had written:

At the time that I’m describing, I was sitting in the living room of my Orange county California home, reading the Sunday issue of the Los-Angeles times. What caught my eye was a news dispatch from New York city. The headline referred to an usual abortion. The paper’s statement was “Baby Aborted Alive.” In reading the article, the Doctor doing the abortion stated, “Of course, when the baby came out alive, we did everything we could to keep the baby alive.

I was deeply shocked at the Doctor’s statement and unable to understand the his logic. I felt that this was insanity. As the days progressed, I became aware of our country’s position on this form of killing. Frankly, I wondered whether there was something the Lord wanted me to do about what was happening in our country. Within a few weeks the Lord led me to a small group that was committed to doing something about abortion in our country. The group gave me some photographs of aborted babies, which I took to the church I was attending, and I visited every Sunday school class to show the pictures. But I knew that the Lord wanted more from me than this.

What I decided to do – was make a film presenting what abortion had become in our nation. The title of the film was “Conceived in Liberty.” Before the film was finished, I became aware of a Doctor in New York city who was managing the world’s largest abortion Clinic. The interest here was that this individual was changing his mind about abortion. His name was Dr. Bernard Nathanson. He had acquired some video tapes of an abortion that had been performed by a young Doctor of his acquaintance. I contacted Dr. Nathanson to see whether he would release his tapes to me for use in my film. As things turned out, the only day he could see me, was the next day, as he was scheduled to go abroad. Very quickly I arranged to take a red-eye flight to New York. Tired but excited, I met him the next day in his office. We hit it off, and he agreed to let me use the tapes. I returned to California ready to add the tapes to my film.

When Dr. Nathanson returned to America he contacted me about making a separate film with his tapes. To do this he came to California and we shot the film at the Moody Institute of Science Sound Stage. We called the film “The Silent Scream,” because it literally showed a 13- week baby being destroyed.

The film was released to the American public at a press-conference held at the White House. This made the film extremely popular with Pro-Life groups around the country. I was then able to translate the film into 7 languages. As a result of this, the “Silent Scream” has become the most viewed piece of Pro-Life information in the world.

I have continued my Pro-Life work, and my most recent project has been to launch a Constitutional Amendment that will end abortion in our country forever. Now I realize why the Lord brought me to an abortion newspaper’s account many years ago. I’m very happy to spend my time in ways that will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank God we had the opportunity to know Dr. Don, and express our deepest sympathies to his family and friends on his loss.  But we are assured that he is now resting in the loving arms of Jesus after having heard the words we all long to hear from our Savior, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Troy Newman

Cheryl Sullenger