[Here are a few short reports from Southern California where one of our Truth Trucks is being wonderfully used to the glory of God and conviction of the public. Many thanks to Bob Ferguson, Jason Storms, and others who are doing an awesome job standing for the babies down in the Southland! —OR Staff]
Biola University

Jason Storms drove the Truth Truck to Biola University last month to attend a class he was auditing. Campus Security allowed him to park in the Bookstore parking lot, a central location on campus. (Keep in mind that “Biola” is an acronym for “Bible Institute of Los Angeles” and is a training ground for many future pastors.)
When Jason returned to the Truth Truck two hours later, there were two notes from women left of the windshield, upset about the images of aborted babies largely displayed on the panels. As he drove through the campus on his way out, several male students come out of the dorms to confront him. Soon a large crowd had gathered and Jason got out of the Truth Truck to reason with them. It seemed that these “future pastors” could not understand the necessity to “disturb” folks with the images of the broken bodies of aborted babies. Although he had a great opportunity to discuss abortion with these “Christian” men, he received NO positive response from them.
“Please take the scales from their eyes, that they may see, Lord!”
Four Babies Saved at LA Abortion Mill!
The Truth Truck helped save four babies from abortion in one day at the Family Planning Associates at 6th and Westmoreland in Los Angeles. This is the location of the infamously brutal 1989 Holy Week Rescues where hundreds were arrested in the rain as they literally laid their lives down for their pre-born neighbors and suffered physical brutality at the hands of police and pro-aborts because of it.
Truth Trucks Visit Other Abortion Mills
The Truth Truck has made the rounds of many Southern California abortion mills, including the FPA mills in Rosemead and Newport, and the Planned Parenthood mill in Whittier. The Truth Truck was a great encouragement to the pro-lifers who regularly sidewalk counsel and witness at these death camps.
University of California Fullerton
The Truth Truck visited the campus of UC Fullerton and caused quite a stir among the students there, sparking debate, and sometimes angry outbursts. “Many hypocritically think it is wrong to show the horrific results of abortion, yet are the first to defend the heinous act,” said one pro-lifer.

Exposing the ACLU
The Truth Truck attended the grand opening of the newest ACLU office in Los Angeles. The ACLU is a liberal organization that is responsible for much anti-Christian persecution and abortion promotion.
Planned Parenthood Fundraiser
The Truth Truck confronted Planned Parenthood supporters as they gathered in Orange County for a fundraiser for the world’s largest abortion organization. Party-goers had to face the grisly Truth behind their euphemisms for child-killing. We pray hearts were touched and brought to repentance by this powerful witness.
Knott’s “Scarry” Farm
The Truth Truck was on hand Halloween weekend to expose the truth about abortion as Knott’s Berry Farm held it’s annual “demon-fest.” Street preachers witnessed to party-goers dressed as witches and demons about the grace and mercy of God that can free them from sin and judgment.
Tuna Truck?
The Truth Truck was used to transport 3 ½ pallets of donated restaurant-grade tuna from Vernon, CA to Orange County for use by Pastor Wiley Drake’s outreach to the homeless in Buena Park, CA. The tuna will provide thousands of meals for the needy.
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