OR encourages all pro-lifers to carry cameras to document abortion wrong-doing

Granite City, IL — For years Operation Rescue has been training pro-lifers to use cameras to document incidents at abortion clinics. In 2004, Operation Rescue conducted a Vision for Victory event and training session for pro-lifers in the St. Louis/Granite City area. That training has paid off as the story in the link below published today on WorldNetDaily.com illustrates. Our congratulations go to Angela and Daniel Michael for their outstanding work.
As also mentioned in the WND story,Operation Rescue has been hard at work to hold late-term abortionist George Tiller accountable for protecting child-rapists and other apparent violations of the law, including illegal late term abortions, and has publicly supported the efforts of Attorney General Phill Kline to bring Tiller and other abortionists to justice.
The Tiller story has made national news and is now the subject of ongoing reports by Fox News host Bill O’Reilly and has prompted Operation Rescue to organize a 4-day protest of Tiller’s clinic over the Roe v. Wade weekend in January. (Click here for more information on the Wichita ’07 — A Cry for Justice event.)
Because of photographs by pro-lifers, not only as this child predator been caught, but incidents of botched abortions and even abortion deaths have been documented. These photos have helped put Tiller and others in the “hot seat.” The more the seedy side of the abortion industry can be documented, the sooner people will understand the lie of so-called “safe, legal abortions,” and the sooner we will see an end to this barbaric practice in our nation.
We encourage every pro-lifer who ministers at his or her local abortion mill to carry and camera and use it! Report suspected incidents of crimes against children and accompany your reports with your photographs. Report incidents of botched abortions and ambulance runs to your state’s medical board along with documenting photographs. We urge you to publish your pictures on the Internet so everyone may see the truth that abortion hurts women and kills babies. Your photographs may be the proof your authorities need to shut down your local abortion mill.
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