Albuquerque, NM – An expose written by Project Defending Life’s Tara Shaver, which was published by Operation Rescue, that exposed the University of New Mexico’s deep involvement in the abortion industry has prompted a meeting between PDL and the UNM Board of Regents. Below is PDL’s press release commenting on the meeting.
Operation Rescue continues to work side by side with PDL to expose UNM’s abortion business, and their involvement in training and encouraging medical students to do abortions — all at taxpayer’s expense.
Members of Project Defending Life Present Concerns at UNM Board of Regents Meeting

On December 13, 2011 Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Director of Project Defending Life and Tara Shaver, also with Project Defending Life along with several other concerned citizens spoke before the UNM Board of Regents. “Our main goal was to educate and inform the Regents about how women’s lives are being placed in danger as a result of the tax funded UNM Center for Reproductive Health abortion clinic,” stated Tara Shaver. Others shared their disdain regarding UNM’s current participation in providing abortions as well as the fact that the majority of abortions done in New Mexico are performed on Hispanic women.
Earlier this year Project Defending Life obtained three 911 recordings documenting serious life threatening abortion complications requiring three women to be rushed to UNM Hospital. These serious complications included: vomiting, seizures, a woman not breathing, being unresponsive and turning a grayish color. Another woman endured an attempted abortion even though her 8 week old baby was not in her uterus, this is also known as an ectopic pregnancy.
Most recently, Project Defending Life has released an Exposé revealing UNM’s abortion Resident Training Programs and the fact that New Mexico tax dollars are being used to fund their abortion agenda.
It is vitally important that the UNM Board of Regents know how dangerous this abortion facility is so that they will promptly act to protect the women of New Mexico. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato Founder and Director of Project Defending Life issued the following statement after speaking before the UNM Board of Regents, “We appreciate the opportunity given to us by UNM Board of Regents President, Jack Fortner to share our concerns about the safety of women as well as our desire for the University of New Mexico to protect and affirm all life. In addition, we would like to see everyone in leadership positions in the state of New Mexico, from the Governor on down, to urgently work to turn New Mexico into a safe haven for pre-born babies. New Mexico can no longer be seen as the abortion capital of the Southwest.”
Press Contacts:
Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Director, Project Defending Life, 862-266-1593
Tara Shaver, PDL Media Spokesperson, 505-319-7825