Wichita, KS — A small group of citizens led by Operation Rescue President Troy Newman and David Gittrich of Kansans For Life visited the office of District Attorney Nola Foulston to ask that criminal charges be allowed to go forward against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.
Newman told reporters who gathered to witness the meeting that there was no other option than to try to see Foulston in person. “E-mails sent to her are bouncing and voice mails are going unanswered,” he said. “Requests for meetings are being disregarded.”
Georgia Cole, assistant to Foulston, told the group that Foulston was unavailable, but that she would pass their message along. However, Cole repeatedly interrupted Newman and Gittrich as they attempted to ask the questions that they wanted posed to the District Attorney.
“She would hardly let anyone finish a sentence,” said Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue. “She was very rude and was more interested in terminating the conversation than listening to anything anyone had to say. It was very unprofessional conduct for someone who works in a public office for an elected public official.”
Newman told Cole, “We would like to formally ask Ms. Foulston to acquiesce in this case. It seems as though…”
Cole interrupted and brusquely told Newman, “I will pass on your request.”
“Can I just finish my sentence?” asked Newman.
Newman continued and in his next sentence he said, “It seems there are some very serious charges here, not the least of which are crimes against little babies…” Cole again interrupted Newman and began talking over him. She stated rudely, “OK, can we get over the media part and just tell me what it is that you would like to ask?”
At several times in the brief conversation, Cole abruptly told the group, “This conversation is over.”
Newman attempted to give Cole a copy of the complaint filed by Attorney General Phill Kline against Tiller on December 21, but Cole refused to accept it. “She refused to even look at it,” Newman said. “She treated it as if it had bacteria on it.”
“Cole did nothing to alleviate the concerns of the people that the District Attorney is not listening to them and is covering up for Tiller,” said Sullenger. “Cole acted like someone with something to hide.”
“This looks like stonewalling,” said Newman.
“Nola is sitting in that District Attorney’s office thumbing her nose at the Attorney General, at the Special Prosecutor, at the laws of the State of Kansas, and the concerned people of America. That attitude is just wrong in a public official,” said Newman.
“People outside Kansas cannot understand how this kind of obstruction and miscarriage of justice could happen. We can sum it up in two words: Blood Money,” said Newman. “Tiller has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaigns of elected officials from the governor down, and has successfully circumvented campaign contribution limits that are placed on the rest of us. As a result, Tiller wields unimaginable power in this state, and now that he is in trouble, he is using his political muscle to weasel his way out of criminal charges. No one man should be allowed to exert that much influence over the political arena.”
What’s next?
“The situation remains very fluid. It is our understanding from reading news reports the Attorney General has said his investigation is ongoing,” Newman said. “We have a major event planned for January 19-22 called ‘A Cry For Justice.’ If charges have not been reinstated by then, we plan to make a major announcement about the next step at that event. But one thing is certain. We will keep exploring every legal avenue available until Tiller is finally brought to justice in a court of law.”
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