Washington, DC — Following yesterday’s win by Barack Obama and the defeat of three important pro-life measures in South Dakota, California, and Colorado, Operation Rescue stands undeterred and resolute in its determination to fight on for the abolition of abortion in America.
“Yesterday’s losses are just a speed bump on the road to victory for the innocent,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Overall, Americans are more pro-life than ever before. The closeness of the votes on pro-life measures in South Dakota and in California shows that we have made great gains amongst the people. Election cycles tend to be cyclical, and we are confident that we will once again have our day.”
South Dakota’s Measure 11 lost 55-45%, a slightly narrower margin that the previous attempt to pass an abortion ban in that state. In California, Prop 4, a measure that would have required parental notification before minors could obtain an abortion, lost by the slim margin of only four percentage points.
The hotly contested District Attorney’s race in Wichita, Kansas, home of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, also went to pro-abortion incumbent Nola Foulston, who has been accused of covering for Tiller’s crimes. Operation Rescue had worked to expose Foulston’s ties to Tiller.
“These set backs will only energize us. The fight is on. We will continue to work to inform the public with our fleet of Truth Trucks, expose abortionists, and close abortion clinics. We will continue to work though every available legal means to stop abortion. The person occupying the White House will not diminish that work, nor will other perceived political set backs.”
“We trust in God that He has His hand on the affairs of men, and that one day there will be justice for the pre-born,” said Newman. “Now is not the time for discouragement, but a time to roll up our sleeves and continue the fight, having peace knowing that the results in God’s hands and, ultimately, victory is assured.”