Little Rock, AR — Abortionist Jerry Edwards of Little Rock, Arkansas, is offering free abortions to victims of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina. This move has stirred national controversy as pro-lifers expressed outrage that he would prey upon vulnerable women dealing with the aftermath of two natural disasters.
But Edwards is not new to controversy. He was the medical director and primary abortionist for Planned Parenthood of Houston, TX from 1991-98. He developed new techniques for killing children before six weeks gestation, earlier than most abortionists are willing to kill for safety reasons. He also was one of the first abortionists to jump onto the RU486 bandwagon, a dangerous abortion drug responsible for at least four maternal deaths that now carries new FDA warnings.
“Abortionist Edwards seems to enjoy child-killing to the extent that he is willing to try new methods, in spite of the risks to women. One has to wonder who he experimented on when developing his early abortion method and what happened to those unfortunate women,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger.
“When considering Edwards, it is hard not to think of the Nazi doctors of World War II, who invented new ways to kill Jews in order to reach the ‘Final Solution’ to the so-called Jewish problem. They murdered their victims free of charge as well,” said Sullenger. “The world was shocked and outraged that the Nazi doctors could be so cruel and psychotic. We should be similarly horrified by Edwards’ perverted efforts to find his own ‘Final Solution’ to pregnant hurricane victims.”