Wichita, KS — A rampaging man attacked two members of Operation Rescue as they gathered in his neighborhood on Wednesday to offer pre-Thanksgiving prayers for the repentance and salvation of abortion worker Edna M. Roach.
The man, believed to be Roach’s husband, stormed from the house, kicked over a Scripture verse sign held by Karen Myers, then crossed the driveway and slapped the video camera held by Cheryl Sullenger before retreating back into the house. Just as Sullenger was struck, a Wichita Police officer pulled up and witnessed the attack.

As he was interviewing the suspect inside the home, another officer arrived and began conversing with the pro-lifers. Keith Mason noticed a woman standing in her driveway observing the gathering and walked over to speak with her about why pro-lifers were in her neighborhood. The woman told Keith to get off her street. As he turned to walk away, she shoved him in the back, causing him to stumble forward.
The second police officer immediately confronted the woman who remained belligerent and uncooperative with the officer. Eventually she left the scene after Keith indicated he would not file charges against her.

Roach is a long-time employee of Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned and operated by George R. Tiller. She is best known as the worker who accompanies patients suffering from botched abortions to the hospital. Although Roach has no formal training or post-secondary education, she often assists, according to reports, with laminaria insertion and other medical procedures. She often stays at local hotels with late-term abortion patients while they are in labor or recovering from their abortions.
According to records, Roach and her husband, Larry B. Griggs, have both previously been arrested on domestic violence charges. Roach obtained a protective order against Griggs in July, 2005, for verbal and physical abuse, but the order was later recinded.
“Edna lives a life that is immersed in violence,” said Sullenger. “On the job she assists in the violent destruction of pre-born babies, many in the late terms of pregnancy. That alone must take an emotional toll. Then when she goes home, it is to an abusive relationship with a man who may fly into a rage at a moment’s notice. If he would so easily strike me with the police watching him, I can only wonder what he does to her when he knows no one is looking. Edna is a woman trapped in a world of violence of her own making, and desperately needs our prayers. God alone can set her free from the hellish life she has created for herself.”
Police filed a complaint against Sullenger’s attacker that will be submitted to the City Prosecutor, who will later decide if criminal charges will be pursued.
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