As late-term abortions begin, The Wichita Awakening draws attention to abortion atrocity

Wichita, KS — Approximately 300 people, most wearing red cloth tape printed with the word “LIFE” over their mouths, have surrounded Women’s Health Care Services, the larges late-term abortion mill in the nation to pray for an end to abortion and that 19 criminal charges filed against the clinic owner, George Tiller, would stick.
About a dozen young people from a California youth group called the Survivors, lay on the sidewalk in the fetal position surrounded by chalk lines, such as would be seen around a body at a murder site. They are covered with red cloth to symbolize the innocent blood that is shed and to protest the killing of innocent pre-born children.
With live Christian music playing on a sound system, hundreds who have come to Wichita with The Cause on their “God’s Summer of Love” tour, prayed and read their Bibles while others attempt to dissuade women from entering the clinic for late-term abortions that Operation Rescue believes are a continued violation of the Kansas ban on post-viability abortions.

“The way the charges were filed against Tiller, he is allowed to continue doing the same procedure for which he has been charged. We think that is crazy, and a total miscarriage of justice,” said Newman. “Those gathered here today are expressing broken hearts for the lives that are needlessly and brutally killed, and are beseeching the Heavens for mercy for the innocent victims and justice for the perpetrators.”
The prayer siege, part of the Wichita Awakening hosted by Operation Rescue, is ongoing and is scheduled to conclude at 4 PM today.
The Wichita Awakening will finish the evening with a Praise and Worship Service at 7PM at the Mid-American Indian Center. A similar service Sunday evening drew a crowd of 570.
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