Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue has released the most up-to-date list of abortion clinic workers employed by George R. Tiller at his late-term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services, in Wichita, Kansas. The list includes twenty-two people, including three out-of-state abortionists who travel to Kansas to do abortions, including late-term procedures that are illegal in their home states.
“We are releasing this list of abortion workers in order to expose them to the community, and to elicit prayers for their repentance,” said Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger.
“As Christians, we are concerned about them as people, and understand that sometimes it takes ‘tough love’ to help someone see the destructive path they are taking, so that they can make the changes necessary to have a better life,” Sullenger said. “Most people who quit the abortion industry tell us that they are relieved to be out of that business, and say that leaving improved their lives.”
Last week, Operation Rescue released the name of a physician who provided the second required signature for Tiller’s post-viability abortions. Within hours, he and an associate, who was also providing that service for Tiller, voluntarily agreed to quit doing so “effective immediately.”
Tiller currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegal abortions done without the signature of an unaffiliated physician, when he and abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus, collaborated to form what amounted to an illegal late-term abortion racket. Neuhaus has since quit working for Tiller.
“We began an intensive campaign exposing clinic workers and businesses that associate with Tiller in 2004,” said Sullenger. “Since then, over a dozen workers have quit and at least 25 businesses have stopped helping Tiller keep his abortion business open. There’s no doubt that public exposure helps these people do the right thing.”
Last week, Operation Rescue relaunched their Abortion Collaborator Project. In addition to the physicians who quit signing off on Tiller’s late-term abortions, OR relased a list to 30 businesses that provide services for Tiller and his abortion mill.
Today’s abortion worker list is in the form of a photo gallery with captions telling the public a little about each worker.
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