A reminder of why Planned Parenthood is being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.
By Cheryl Sullenger
Washington, D.C. – When the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) began posting videos in the Summer of 2015 showing Planned Parenthood executives engaged in negotiations with biotech companies for the best price they might get for aborted baby organs and tissues, America was shocked.
That undercover investigation and the footage that was secretly taken over several months revealed a dark secret that Planned Parenthood successfully hidden from the American people: The bodies of aborted babies were being marketed like slabs of meat at the meat counter for “valuable consideration” and ended up with buyers all over the world, in violation of U.S. state and federal laws.
Planned Parenthood and its associate in the baby body parts trade, the National Abortion Federation, sued CMP board members, including Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, to halt the release of the remaining incriminating footage, but it was too late for Planned Parenthood.
Public outrage over the shadowy scheme launched two Congressional investigations that that found probable cause to believe Planned Parenthood and its middle-man biotech partners had indeed broken the law.
Senator Charles Grassley and Rep. Marsha Blackburn both referred Planned Parenthood and others to the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal investigation and prosecution in late 2016. A year later news broke that the Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Sessions was indeed investigating Planned Parenthood for the illegal sale of aborted baby body parts.
“The wait for the results of that investigation has been long and difficult for those of us that want to see Planned Parenthood brought to justice,” said Troy Newman. “We understand that if Planned Parenthood is indicted, the full truth about their illegal conduct will become a matter of record. It should also bring an end to the half billion dollars in U.S. tax money Planned Parenthood receives each year. This action would save tens of thousands of innocent lives each year and could be the beginning of the end of the corrupt and barbaric practice of abortion in America.”
Now, the wait may soon be over.
A message from a Trump Administration anonymous source known as “Q” or “Qanon” was posted on the mysterious 8Chan message board late last night with links to Senator Grassley’s 2016 press announcement concerning the Judicial Committee’s criminal referrals of Planned Parenthood, and a link to the 2017 Fox News article confirming that the Department of Justice was investigating Planned Parenthood.
Those links were followed by the words, “Coming soon. Q”

“This post was an encouraging message to us to stand by for significant developments in the Planned Parenthood baby parts investigation,” said Newman. “We’ve been asked to trust President Trump and Attorney General Sessions. Given the amount of times we have been let down by public officials, that trust has been difficult. But because President Trump has delivered on many of his pro-life promises, we believe this time is different. We anxiously await news on the Planned Parenthood investigation and pray that this time, justice will be done.”