CHICAGO, IL — Operation Rescue has obtained photos that reveal a possible abortion death at a Chicago abortion mill in March, 2004. The photos, sent by pro-lifer Ric Dugan, Director of Infants Rights Campaign, show a patient completely covered with a sheet being loaded into an ambulance outside the Albany Medical Surgical Center, located at 5086 N Elston at Cicero, Chicago, IL 60630. This abortion clinic is part of the Family Planning Associates Medical Group owned by the infamous California abortionist Edward Allred.
The ambulance arrived and left without lights or sirens and no clinic employee accompanied the “body.”
Later that day, a sidewalk counselor, who wishes to remain anonymous, approached an abortion clinic worker that the local pro-lifer’s have nick-named the “painkiller guy” and asked about the woman in the ambulance. According to the sidewalk counselor, the clinic worker responded, “These type of things happen occasionally and at every clinic.”

Pro-lifers report that the abortionist on duty that day was either Edward Steven Lichtenberg or Rudolph Muragne. Lichtenberg is responsible for the abortion death of 13-year old Deanna Bell who died during an abortion in her sixth month of pregnancy in 1992.
Pro-lifers in Chicago again witnessed an ambulance run to that same clinic on February 12, 2005. According to on site sidewalk counselors, the abortionist was a man from Quebec who got into the ambulance with the victim. Reportedly, it was his first day on the job at the Albany abortion mill. It is unknown if that victim survived.
Please voice your concerns with Alderman J. Levar, 45th Ward, City Council of Chicago, Phone: 773-545-2545. You may contact the Mayor Richard M. Daley at 312-744-6841, or 312-744-5732.
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