Baby items and sidewalk counseling supplies returned to pro-lifers
Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue met with representatives of the Wichita Police Department on Thursday concerning Troy Newman?s arrest and incarceration on littering charges on January 21, and the confiscation of property over three days outside a Wichita abortion mill. Police informed OR that they had met with their legal department and determined that they would no longer confiscate personal property on the public access ways around late-term abortionist George Tiller’s abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services. Police also indicated that they would not post an officer at the mill full-time, as had been previously suggested, nor would they continue to ticket the Truth Trucks if they were parked legally in the 30-minute parking zone across the street from the mill. Operation Rescue also made arrangements for the return of personal property.
‘This is a 180 degree turn around from last week,” said Newman, who spent 8 hours in jail for placing a bag of dolls on the grassy public easement next to the public sidewalk near the abortion mill entrance. “This is a victory for the sidewalk counselors who can now, without fear of arrest or seizure of property, continue to offer baby blankets, clothing, and other items to needy women who have changed their minds about aborting their babies.”

A total of 21 tickets were issued to OR staff and vehicles on the eve of the 32nd Roe v. Wade anniversary. The Truth Trucks received 17 of those tickets, even though the Trucks were moved every 30 minutes. Police indicated that a meeting with George Tiller and his attorney sparked the temporary crack down.
“We are glad that cooler heads prevailed and that the rights of law-abiding citizens to conduct First Amendment activities on the public street are being protected. We have enjoyed a good working relationship with the Wichita Police, and are happy that this will continue.”
Although Newman’s littering charge has not been formally dismissed, he remains confident that the matter will now be resolved amicably.
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