Dear Friends of Life,

This is one of the most important messages that Operation Rescue has ever posted. Please read on (or click here) to learn how you can share in a very special, once in a life-time project that will bring honor and glory to God and save babies like never before!
Last month, through God’s grace and a leap of faith, Operation Rescue bought and closed a Wichita abortion mill.
The building was opened to the public and to the media so the filthy and dangerous conditions would be witnessed and documented. Camera crews have photographed nearly every inch of the building where we estimate 50,000 babies died between 1983 and last month.
Now, Operation Rescue must pay for the building and for extensive renovations that will turn this former, roach infested killing center into a beautiful Memorial to the Pre-born and an office suite where Operation Rescue will continue the work of closing even more abortion mills.
Operation Rescue urgently needs your help to make this dream of a Memorial to the Pre-born and national headquarters come true.
To learn more about how you can help Operation Rescue REDEEM this former abortion mill for God’s glory, please click here.
Your immediate attention to this urgent message is much appreciated! Our deadline for payment is fast approaching and we do not want to lose this opportunity.
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For the voiceless,
Troy Newman
Operation Rescue