Dear Friends of Life,

When it comes to horrible abortion stories I thought I had heard it all.
Until now!
Earlier this week I read a story on World Net Daily that chilled my blood to the bone. The article was about a 6 month-old baby boy named “Rowan” who was left to die in the toilet of an Orlando abortion clinic.
I was brought to tears as the mother recounted the terrible abortion that led to Rowan’s live birth. That’s right! The ultimate botched abortion. . .the baby was born alive!
Now the mother of Rowan is asking for help from us to expose this hideous crime and make sure this abortion mill is closed once and for all. (Before you read the rest of my letter, I urge you to read the whole story for your self on World Net Daily.)
We have talked to Rowan’s mom, and I can assure you she has had a real conversion for life. Once she saw her son gasping for air she immediately regretted the abortion and vowed to do everything in her power to close this abortion mill.
Baby Rowan’s death was illegal. That’s right; according to the three-year old ” Born Alive Infants Protection Act,” the abortion mill could be guilty of a federal crime.
But right now, the prosecutors are doing absolutely nothing, even though earlier this month the White House promised to begin enforcing the Born Alive law!

Only a few days ago, the Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt said in a press release, “The [Born Alive Infants Protection] Act reaffirms the legal principle that all infants born alive are entitled to the full protection of the law. That is a principle I will vigorously uphold as Secretary. . .We took the first of these educational steps today by notifying relevant entities that we aggressively enforce federal laws that protect born-alive infants.”
We plan to hold him to his word.
We have been asked to do two things to bring justice for Baby Rowan, and I hope you will want to help.
First, we need to prove Baby Rowan was born alive and make the abortionist pay for his crime. To do this an autopsy must be preformed, but Rowan’s mom doesn’t have the $3,500 to pay for the autopsy. So I have personally guaranteed that Operation Rescue would cover the cost of the autopsy report, and then hand deliver that report to the prosecutors.
Second, we must make the dreadful death of Rowan a fixture on the nightly news. In order to ensure that this crime is prosecuted to the fullest extent we must bring public pressure to bear directly on those who will be responsible to enforce the law and prosecute this crime. To do this we will hold a press conference today (see press release here) and follow up with a massive “awareness campaign.”
Both you and I know abortion is repugnant, but we must help convince everybody else in the country if abortion is ever to end. I believe that this is a perfect opportunity to shine the national spotlight on heinous nature of the American abortion holocaust.
I am so confident that we should act that we sent Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition to Orlando, Florida, to begin laying the groundwork and start our media campaign.
If you wish to help cover the cost of the $3,500 autopsy please click here or send a tax-deductible gift to Operation Rescue c/o Baby Rowan, P.O. Box 601150, Sacramento, CA 95860.
Perhaps you could contact your local media and inform them of Baby Rowan’s plight. Anything you could do in this regard would help expose the dirty side of abortion industry. This could encourage Federal prosecutors to lock up this abortionist once and for all to keep him from hurting anyone else.
We are praying Baby Rowan’s death will help other babies live. (That is Rowan’s mom’s prayer too).
Your servant for Life,
Troy Newman, President
P.S . To recap: Operation Rescue has promised to underwrite the cost of Rowan’s autopsy so we can prove he was born alive. This vital information could lead to the first ever abortionist being prosecuted and sent to jail under the new Born Alive Infants Protection Act. I believe it is so critical I have sent Rev. Pat Mahoney to Florida to begin an all-out media blitz to draw attention to this murder and bring those responsible for the death of Baby Rowan to justice. Your donation to this work will be very much needed and appreciated!
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