Topeka, Kansas – Operation Rescue has released today a brief video and updated timeline detailing events leading to the recent revelations that crucial evidence against a Kansas Planned Parenthood was destroyed by the administration of former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who now serves as Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. This willful destruction of evidence has hampered a criminal prosecution against Planned Parenthood. The corruption scandal has become known as “Shreddergate.”
The video gives a brief explanation of the political climate that led to the destruction of documents that supported criminal charges filed in 2007 by former District Attorney Phill Kline alleging that Planned Parenthood committed felonies by forging documents to cover for misdemeanor failure to maintain records.
The timeline has been updated to include information from recently unsealed records that detail Kline’s efforts to investigate criminal conduct at Planned Parenthood from the time he was elected as Attorney General in 2003, through his tenure as Johnson County District Attorney and beyond.
The timeline includes links to important court documents, including a copy of one set of forms, the original of which were destroyed by the Sebelius-controlled Kansas Department of Health and Environment and copies destroyed by Sebelius-appointed Steve Six.
“This criminal prosecution is important because at stake is no less than $350 million dollars in Federal tax money that flows to Planned Parenthood every year – under the condition that their affiliates all obey the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This case against Planned Parenthood has been eight years in the making, but now we find out that it has been subverted by governmental corruption tracked back to Kathleen Sebelius. This is completely unacceptable. It shakes the public’s confidence that the system can work. We call on the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and aggressively prosecute all those who have obstructed justice to protect Planned Parenthood in order to put a final end to corruption and restore the public’s trust.”
Read the updated Timeline, complete with links to additional documents and sources.