Operation Rescue Calls For Full Investigation, Defunding Of Nation’s Largest Abortion Organization
Boca Raton, FL – Planned Parenthood’s woes continued as it was revealed last week that a financial scandal and “deficiencies” prompted the Planned Parenthood of South Palm Beach and Broward Counties affiliate to suspend services and correct problems at the demand of the national parent organization. The clinics remain closed to new patients.
Problems with the South Florida affiliate came to light after four board members resigned in protest of improper accounting of funds. The abortion clinic claimed to be financially strapped yet reported an annual budget is $3.9 million, with $441,000 of that coming from state tax dollars. Amid the scandal, the Chief Executive Officer Mary Capobianco tendered her resignation. Several employees have been laid off.
“It has to be pretty bad when the national organization demands that an affiliate suspend operations,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “With that kind of budget, there is no reason for dangerous conditions to exist – unless of course, someone is absconding with the money.”
“Given the track record of the abortion cartel, it was likely the misuse of money that brought the national organization down on the Florida group, rather than the shoddy clinic conditions,” said Newman. “They have repeatedly demonstrated that they care more about money than they do about women.”
Other Planned Parenthood affiliates have recently been accused of additional improprieties.

  • The San Diego and Riverside Counties and the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood organizations have been accused in a civil case of bilking taxpayers out of over $180 million in a financial fraud scandal.
  • Planned Parenthood of Idaho was forced to apologize after it offered to accept a racially motivated donation that the donor wanted earmarked for abortions on black women.
  • Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri faces 107 criminal charges, including 23 felonies, related to unlawful late-term abortions.
  • An affiliate in Aurora, Illinois, lied on city permit documents in order to build a mega-abortion center in that town.
  • “Planned Parenthood has been revealed to be a money grubbing group that has little consideration for the law that must be fully investigated,” said Newman. “It is unconscionable that our tax dollars continue to prop them up. We applaud recent efforts by Congressman Mike Pence and others to halt Federal funding of Planned Parenthood. We call on each state to do the same.”