By Cheryl Sullenger
Easton, PA — Planned Parenthood Keystone has announced the closure of its Easton, Pennsylvania, abortion facility as of March 30, 2017. The Easton Health Center offered medication abortions.
According to Planned Parenthood, the closure is due to a reorganization caused by a market analysis conducted in August.
But before the hysterical cries begin that “women will be denied basic health care,” another community clinic has announced it will open in Easton on April 5 and will provide the same services women received at Planned Parenthood – minus the abortions.
“This is great news for the community of Easton. Planned Parenthood’s abortion business will be closed and women will then have access to a legitimate low-cost health care provider that will not market abortions to them,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.
Planned Parenthood Keystone also announced that it is closing down a center in Bristol that did not provide abortions, and merging it with another non-abortion center in Bensalem. This Pennsylvania-based Planned Parenthood organization closed three other offices late last year.
Planned Parenthood Keystone receives $2 million annually in Medicaid payments. Those payments comprise 30% of the organization’s budget.
“It is so important for Congress to halt Medicaid payments Planned Parenthood in its Obamacare repeal plan,” said Newman. “This will close many of the predatory Planned Parenthood facilities that prey on pregnant women for profit. When abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”
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