By Sarah Neely

On Saturday, March 23, police cars were seen arriving at Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill around 10 a.m. No ambulance arrived, leading witnesses to wonder what other type of emergency was taking place.

911 records obtained by Operation Rescue revealed that a 16-year-old girl confided in Planned Parenthood staff that she was being forced to have an abortion by others waiting outside of the building and procedure room. There were multiple people with her, including her boyfriend and at least one parent. The Planned Parenthood staffer stated she thought the boyfriend was also a minor, but she never confirmed it for the dispatcher. 

Planned Parenthood has been caught numerous times covering up sexual abuse and coercion, especially by failing to report abortions performed on minors. This staffer did seem somewhat concerned for the girl until she said this incredibly telling statement:

“…we have a minor who did, um, disclose to us that, um, she’s being forced to have her procedure today. Unfortunately, my provider will not do the procedure if she’s being forced.”

“Unfortunately?” Operation Rescue President Troy Newman asks. “Unfortunate for whom? For the terrified child being intimidated into choosing death for her own child, or unfortunate for Planned Parenthood’s bottom line after losing the blood money her coercers would have paid to destroy two lives that day?”

In July 2023, North Carolina passed an omnibus abortion bill which created new requirements for both surgical and chemical abortions. Under the new law, abortionists are responsible for screening women for coercion for chemical abortions, and a woman has a right to sue any “physician” who provided an abortion while knowing the woman has been coerced. It is not known which type of procedure the girl was scheduled to have. However, if it was chemical, then this new law may be at least one reason why the abortionist would, “unfortunately,” not do the procedure. 

In addition, federal protections are also in place that could result in legal action against any parent that attempts to “force, coerce, exert undue influence or unduly pressure” their child to have an abortion. 

Advocates on the sidewalk reported that at least four police cars arrived and stayed about an hour. According to these witnesses, none of those doing the coercion were arrested at the scene or made to leave, and the girl was never seen being escorted safely away from those who were forcing her to kill her child. 

North Carolina’s new abortion laws also state that when it is believed that a woman is being coerced, she must be provided with a private telephone and information for services including rape crisis centers, shelters for victims of domestic violence, restraining orders, and pregnancy care centers.

In the recording of the police dispatch, at least one officer suggested calling the “crisis unit” to the scene, but another officer told dispatch to “stand by” on that request until he had more information. It is unclear what kind of resolution for the frightened girl, if any, was ever reached.

“Forced abortion is illegal in all fifty states,” Newman adds. “We have no way of knowing what happened to this little girl – whether she was protected from threatening family members or given the options for shelter and assistance the law dictates. What we do know is when a Planned Parenthood staffer found herself facing a teenager being coerced into abortion, she described the inability to do that abortion because of coercion as ‘unfortunate.’ When you kill babies for a living, of course you would think letting one live would be unfortunate.” 

“We hope and pray that this young girl has found her way to a pregnancy center or group of people who will provide the support she needs. She has already shown what a wonderful mom she is by courageously choosing life and speaking up for her child in the face of intimidation and cruelty from her own family.”