AG Morrison “birddogs” for Kansas abortion mill

Topeka, KS — A Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Overland Park, Kansas, has sued Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline, presumably for the return of subpoenaed abortion records.
The suit, called a “Writ of Mandamus,” was filed with the Kansas Supreme Court on June 6, 2007, and ordered sealed at Planned Parenthood’s request the following day. The purpose of a writ of mandamus is to compel an official to do his job.
Kline had subpoenaed the abortion records when he served as Attorney General during his investigation of Planned Parenthood and abortionist George R. Tiller for illegal late-term abortions and the concealment of child rape. Kline was granted access to the records with only weeks left in his administration. He filed no charges against Planned Parenthood at that time.
Planned Parenthood fought a three-year losing battle to prevent Kline from inspecting abortion records that he and a Shawnee County judge believed contained possible evidence of crimes.
Kline and Planned Parenthood are not commenting on the sealed case.
However, Attorney General Paul Morrison issued a letter to Planned Parenthood last week informing them that Kline had copies of the records. At a press conference on June 28, Morrison stated, “And we were able to find that Phill Kline had, on his last day in office as attorney general, had used the power of this office to assign those files to him in his new job as Johnson County District Attorney, totally on his own — no oversight.”
“It’s pretty hypocritical of Morrison infer that the forwarding of evidence to a county prosecutor is something sinister when it is done every day,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is also hypocritical for the abortionists to call Kline ‘Snoop Dog’ for daring to investigate them when Morrison has proved to be their lapdog by not prosecuting the more serious crimes against Tiller, and now is acting as a birddog for Planned Parenthood, directing them to where records might be so they can continue their efforts to hide what we believe is incriminating evidence.”
“The charges of illegal late-term abortions and covering up for child rapists are serious ones,” said Newman. “By filing suit and sealing proceedings, Planned Parenthood is telegraphing to the world that they have a lot to hide.”