By Cheryl Sullenger

Cincinnati, OH – The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, certainly wanted paramedics on the scene during a recent medical emergency there, but refused to let the 911 dispatcher or paramedics to know why.

In fact, when the dispatcher began to ask questions that would have helped paramedics be better prepared to quickly help the woman experiencing the emergency, the Planned Parenthood caller hung up on her.

The incident occurred on July 23, 2020, when a call from Planned Parenthood was placed through a CenturyLink Internet phone service that first routs emergency calls to an intermediary call center.  That call center then connects callers to 911.  The process using an Internet line takes longer than dialing 911 directly from a land line or mobile phone.

An operator from the Intrado Emergency Call Center is heard first on the 911 recording obtained by Operation Rescue after a tip from Cincinnati Right to Life. 

That operator indicated that the Planned Parenthood caller refused to identify herself and had no information about the nature of the medical emergency.

When the caller was finally connected with the 911 dispatcher, she appeared to be reading from a prepared script.

911: Repeat your address for me.

PP: 2314 Auburn Avenue.  I’m calling from Planned Parenthood.  We are currently experiencing a medical emergency.  We need paramedics present.  We have a physician that will communicate directly with the physician or the paramedics when they arrive. [Cross talk] And we will await their arrival.

911: Okay. I need to get some information from you.

The Planned Parenthood caller answered a few rudimentary questions, but when the dispatcher began to ask questions about the woman who needed help, the caller refused to cooperate.

911: About how old is she?

PP: [Cross talk] . . . I can’t give you that right now.  Again —

911: Is it a female?  We need to get this information to the paramedics, ma’am.  They need to have the equipment ready.

PP:  Again, I’m calling from Planned Parenthood. We’re currently experiencing a medical emergency.  We have physicians that are with the patient and they’ll be waiting for the paramedics’ arrival.  Thank you.

At that point, the caller hung up on the dispatcher before any more questions could be asked.

“Planned Parenthood placed their patient at risk in at least two ways.  They used an Internet line that delayed the emergency call, then refused to cooperate with the dispatcher so the paramedics could be prepared to handle whatever emergency the woman was experiencing.  It is unacceptable that they would put their corporate desire to conceal abortion complications above the life and health of this woman, who obviously required emergency care,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.  “This is something the Ohio Department of Health must investigate, before other women suffer irreparable harm from this appalling and heartless behavior.”