Olathe, Kansas – Elections officials from Johnson County, Kansas, announced on Friday that more than enough signatures were presented by a coalition of pro-life groups to convene a grand jury to investigate Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri for seven allegations of criminal activity.
“We were pleased that the petition has passed this hurdle. We are sure that the grand jury demand will be allowed to proceed,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is time these allegations against Planned Parenthood were carefully examined by a grand jury. Based on evidence already in the public arena, we are confident there will be additional indictments forthcoming.”
The petition will now be examined by a panel of judges, and if they agree that the petition is properly formatted, then the county will be required to convene the grand jury within 60 days of the petition’s submission.
Kansas is one of only 6 states that allows citizens to use the petition process to convene a grand jury.
The grand jury is being asked to investigate Planned Parenthood for additional evidence of illegal late-term abortions, not making determinations of viability in babies 22 weeks or older as required by law, concealing suspected incidents of child rape, ignoring the 24 hour waiting period and parental consent laws, illegally trading in fetal body parts, and other crimes.
The L.I.F.E Coalition led the citizen’s effort, gathering nearly twice the required signatures in only three weeks. The coalition is comprised of Operation Rescue, Concerned Women For America, Women Influencing the Nation, and a cadre of individuals.