By Ricardo Pinedo | Updated 4 p.m., August 30, 2023

Employee’s Attempt at Using Code During 911 Call Flops

Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade in June 2022, states like Illinois have become an abortion destination for some women around the country. An interesting phenomenon also occurs in these “destination” states: as the apparent demand for abortions in “clinics” increases, so do the number of medical emergencies. 

Operation Rescue’s team has seen a sharp increase in the number of medical emergencies after botched abortions, coinciding with the clinics where the number of abortions has increased around the nation.  For example, we documented two emergencies that occurred this July at Planned Parenthood in Flossmoor, Illinois.

There is no mystery here: abortion is not a “safe procedure” as the liberal media and other voices want us to believe. 

Seizures: First Emergency

This first emergency occurred on July 13. According to the employee who called 911, the patient, a 29 year-old woman, was having a seizure after an abortion that she had received 45 minutes before. 

Although this could have been a complication resulting from a surgical abortion, the pill cannot be totally ruled out. Seizures can be a potential side effect or complication for either method. This abortion mill proudly offers both, with surgical abortions going up to 22 weeks according to their website. 

In the case of a surgical abortion, incorrect administration of local anesthesia can lead to accidental intravascular injection of anesthetic, causing dangerous complications for the patient. Also, blood loss caused by uterine perforation is another potential cause of seizures due to changes in the oxygen flow that goes to the brain. With either potential cause, this is a life-threatening situation that should not be handled carelessly. 

The 911 dispatcher asked if the patient had diabetes, since this condition could possibly cause, in some cases, seizures due to hypoglycemia or low sugar levels. 

On the other hand, the famous “abortion pill” misoprostol can cause hemorrhaging that leads to seizures. A 2017 study by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research found that seizures were a “rare side effect of Misoprostol.” 

The call detail report indicates the woman was transported to the hospital and received advanced life support.

Uncontrolled Bleeding: Second Emergency

The second emergency occurred less than two weeks later. On July 25, another employee of the clinic called 911, this time to ask for an ambulance for a patient that was having “uncontrolled bleeding from the cervix,” more than likely due to uterine perforation. This type of injury is on the rise with abortion procedures. It is a deadly complication that abortion advocates will not mention in their campaigns – but a very real and common problem, nonetheless. The call detail report is viewable here.

Yet an additional detail that calls our attention more is the fact that during both 911 calls, the abortion clinic employees used the term “code abortion.” Why? What meaning lies hidden in “code abortion?”

Other questions raised: Is there an agreement to use this new code language? If so, why? What are they trying to hide? The clinics know they are being watched, so what does this new, previously unheard-of code signify? Emergencies like these are happening fairly often, but, unfortunately, we can only report on those we hear about directly through sidewalk counselors and other pro-lifers that are eyewitnesses of the events.

Could this purposeful ambiguity cost a woman proper medical care and ultimately her life?

“The abortion cartel is trying to hide the truth at all cost,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “They know 911 calls are public records. They know abortion is not safe and they want to minimize awareness of the serious risks that it can bring to women, using vague and ambiguous language to cover up the grave danger of these emergencies. 

“We are noticing that these clinics are using this strategy more frequently to avoid being held accountable for the damage an abortion can bring, not only to a baby, whose life is ended in a cruel way, but to the mother as well. These bloody ‘businesses’ must be held accountable.” 

911 records for these emergencies were provided compliments of Pro-Life Action League.

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