By Ricardo Pinedo

Flossmoor, Illinois. – Yet another post-abortion medical emergency has occurred in the state that is becoming the abortion capital of the nation: Illinois. On December 22, 2023, a woman was taken to the emergency room after an abortion procedure at Planned Parenthood in Flossmoor.

Thanks to Pro-Life Action League, Operation Rescue received 911 records of this emergency. The Planned Parenthood staff caller’s attitude toward the woman’s condition raises some questions. 

In the recording, the caller can be heard requesting an ambulance to transfer a patient that is “hemodynamically stable” – meaning that the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure were within normal range – but presenting “some post-abortion bleeding.”

Some bleeding can be expected after an abortion procedure, and the worker would likely be well aware of this. This bleeding was obviously different, more excessive than normal, requiring the patient to be treated at a hospital.

Although it is not clear if this was a case of hemorrhage, according to the computer aided dispatch (CAD) the 19-year-old patient was treated with “ALS,” or advanced life support, by the paramedics. Advanced life support is not medical protocol for a patient who does not require it, so the patient’s condition would appear to be worse than the caller indicated.

It would not be surprising if the caller was using code language to hide the seriousness of the situation. Operation Rescue has documented many abortion providers using ambiguous language during 911 calls, avoiding details that could reveal malpractice and demonstrate the falsehood of the “safe abortion” narrative.

Another striking aspect of the 911 call that raises suspicion is the fact that the Planned Parenthood staff caller specifically requested transfer of the patient to Ingalls Memorial, a hospital that is approximately 20 minutes away from the clinic, or to the University of Chicago, which is still further away – about 36 minutes – instead of taking her to the nearby Advocate South Suburban Hospital, about five minutes away.

Did the patient need a higher level of care provided in one of those facilities? Does an abortion provider also work at one of those facilities or have medical friends there to handle a cover-up? These questions must be asked. Sadly, these questions will remain unanswered because of the abortion industry’s lack of care for women and the widespread avoidance of accountability when women have abortion-related emergencies. 

“We will continue our work to protect the innocent lives of unborn babies, which is our main focus, and we will also show the public that abortion is not safe,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “For years, Operation Rescue has been insisting that abortion hurts women too, and now that we see these emergencies are becoming more and more frequent, we have increasingly more proof to advance the truth.”

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