By Cheryl Sullenger

Grand Rapids, MI – An evasive Planned Parenthood worker in Grand Rapids, Michigan, abandoned the phone in the middle of a call to 911 leaving two dispatchers flummoxed and with critical questions left unanswered.

According to a January 24, 2019, 911 recording obtained by Operation Rescue, an employee from the Irwin Martin Health Center Planned Parenthood requested an ambulance for a woman who was having an “episode.” 

When questioned further, the caller indicated that the patient was having difficulty breathing and had a condition called “PNES.”  The dispatcher seemed unfamiliar with that condition. The caller only mentioned it was a “seizure disorder” when prodded.

PNES is a condition known as Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures.  This involves “attacks that may look like epileptic seizures but are not caused by abnormal brain electrical discharges,” according to the Epilepsy Foundation.  PNES is sometimes triggered or traced back to a traumatic experience.

This condition is difficult to diagnose, which leaves questions about how Planned Parenthood “clinicians” reached this diagnostic conclusion.

The dispatcher clearly asked for the caller to stay on the line as she connected to the ambulance company.  But when the dispatchers began to ask further questions, there was no answer, even after waiting several uncomfortable seconds for her to return.

However, the Planned Parenthood caller never did return to the call leaving emergency services without even knowing the age of the patient.

“The Planned Parenthood worker really let this patient down with her evasive and unprofessional behavior,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Difficulty breathing is a potentially life-threatening issue yet Planned Parenthood caused a delay by abandoning the 911 call, leaving EMS without all the information they needed.”

It remains unknown how this woman fared after EMS arrived.

“This is yet another incident in a long train of medical emergencies that have occurred at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities,” said Newman.  “We have to question the safety of women who visit Planned Parenthood based on its inability to cope with medical emergencies that happen at its abortion clinics on a regular basis.”

The Irwin Martin Health Center Planned Parenthood no longer conducts surgical abortions, but does dispense abortion-inducing drugs.