Tiller photographed at hospital with victim of bungled abortion

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WICHITA, KS — As ORW staffers snapped pictures and ran videotape at 12:20 PM today, an ambulance arrived at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller, and transported a young blonde woman to Wesley Medical Center after being injured at the abortion clinic.
The woman was accompanied in the ambulance Tiller himself, who personally escorted the woman into the Emergency Room. Also accompanying the ambulance was long-time Tiller employee Edna M. Roach.
According to witnesses, Roach attempted to hide her identity from those attempting to document the incident as she recklessly sped to the hospital ahead of the ambulance in Tiller’s personal van.
Hospital security stood guard as the woman, with head covered, was wheeled into the Emergency Room with Tiller at her side. ORW staff members on the sidewalk outside the Emergency Room documenting the incident called out and urged the woman to sue Tiller for her injuries.
“We have documented evidence of the collusion between Tiller and Wesley Medical Center in the abortion trade. If Wesley truly cared about providing quality health care, it would terminate its business dealings with Tiller.” -Troy Newman, President, ORW
“How many women have to be maimed and how many babies have to die before our community will run Tiller and his chop shop out of town. If Wesley Medical Center would stop helping Tiller, he would not be able to continue to hurt women and kill babies. So in a very real way, Wesley shares in the murderer’s guilt.” -Cheryl Sullenger, ORW

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