Dear Friends of Life,

Phill Kline serves as the District Attorney of Johnson County, Kansas, where he has selflessly placed his personal career and reputation on the line in an effort to enforce Kansas abortion laws. He is currently prosecuting the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Overland Park on 107 charges – including 23 felonies all serious violations of the law that present a danger to the public.
But Planned Parenthood is causing delay after delay in this case, knowing that Kline stands for re-election this year. They hope he will be defeated since they know that the others running for Kline’s post will likely never pursue the case against them.
At the urging of many pro-life and conservatives groups, including Operation Rescue, Kline is running for re-election so that he can finish what he started – what he knows no one else will have the courage to finish amid the often vicious negative media attacks that surround anyone who attempts to hold the Kansas abortion industry accountable to the law.
Only an amazingly special man would have accepted the charge to stand for re-election under the circumstances.
You see, Kline is being personally sued by Planned Parenthood and the current Attorney General. Incredibly, they want him to give up the incriminating evidence on which he has based the criminal case.
Kline has been though a lot, but is willing to endure in order to enforce the law.
We know Phill to be a strong man of faith, with integrity and amazing personal determination in the face of adversity. He won’t give up until justice is done.
But Phill needs our help now to win re-election. A campaign with this much at stake requires a huge campaign war chest. Even the primary election will be an expensive fight for him.
Please consider making a sacrificial contribution to Phill Kline’s re-election campaign. It’s easy to do. Simply CLICK HERE and you can donate on line now or visit his website,
We have never met a prosecutor anywhere in the country who has fought so valiantly or come so close to convicting Planned Parenthood of their crimes. This man deserves our support and our prayers.
For Life,
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue
PS Please visit and help him finish the job of prosecuting Planned Parenthood!