Rescuers are hopeful that the barbaric abortion ban will be upheld by new Court.
Washington, DC — The United States Supreme Court has agreed today to hear an appeal in a Nebraska case that struck down the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The case, known as Gonzales v. Carhart, will be the first test of an abortion case under the new Supreme Court with its newest member, Justice Samuel Alito.
In 2001, the Supreme Court struck down a Nebraska law that banned the grisly late-term abortion procedure with a 5-4 vote. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor cast the swing vote in that case. Now, with Alito on the bench in her place, proponents of the ban are hopeful of a different outcome.
“We look forward to the hearing on this case with great anticipation and hope,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “This will be an opportunity for the court to undo a grave injustice and uphold a ban on a barbaric abortion procedure that is inflicted upon on live, viable pre-born children just weeks away from delivery.”
“This case could be a watershed decision that opens the floodgates to future decisions that will abolish abortion in our nation,” said Newman. “Let the abortionists beware! Their day of unabated child-killing is coming to an end.”
“We call on all men and women of conscience to come to Washington DC and join us at the Supreme Court to pray for justice when this case comes up for a hearing,” said Newman