[This is the third and final installment of a three part exposѐ on late term abortionist Martin Haskell’s special “variance” excusing him from complying with Ohio law. Read Part 1; Read Part 2.]
Dayton, OH — Martin Haskell’s Women’s Med Center in the Dayton suburb of Kettering, Ohio, continues to operate with a special variance from the state excusing it from complying with basic safety requirements that other clinics must meet.

Part One of this report revealed how Haskell played a series of legal maneuvers over a period of nearly 10 years to delay the enforcement of the law and keep his clinic operating illegally – and dangerously – without a hospital transfer agreement required in the event of surgical complications. It revealed how Haskell attempted to get a transfer agreement, but was denied because he is not a certified ObGyn nor did he ever have hospital privileges at any Dayton area hospital. Eventually, Haskell’s clinic was granted a “variance” from the state, allowing it to operate even though it did not meet the legal requirements for licensure.
Part Two of this report discussed the dangers associated with Haskell’s Kettering abortion clinic and provided 9-1-1 communications documenting medical emergencies involving abortion patients earlier this year. It revealed that Haskell rarely works at his Kettering clinic, which is staffed by his two hired abortionists, Roslyn Kade and Neil Strickland. It also explained that three physicians who are affiliated with Miami Valley Hospital, Lawrence Amesse, Sheela Barhan, and Janice Duke, have agreed to cover for Haskell’s botched abortions, enabling him to operate outside the law. But this agreement has done little to ease concerns about the quality of care and safety of Haskell’s abortion mill.
“If Haskell is considered by every hospital in the Dayton area to be unqualified to treat patients at their facilities, then he shouldn’t be allowed to practice at all,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The real question is how does Haskell manage such special treatment?”
The Wrong Stuff

Part of the answer to that question lies in his ability to fund endless legal maneuvers.
“Ten years of smoke-and-mirror parlor tricks with the legal system must have cost him a six-figure amount in legal fees,” said Newman. “That kind of game-playing doesn’t come cheaply. Having a judge in your pocket doesn’t hurt either.”
Haskell spent a lot of time in court losing. He was ordered repeatedly to license his clinic, or face closure by the state. The only judge to rule in his favor was Judge Algenon Marbley of the Federal District Court in Columbus. Marbley’s order that the state allow Haskell’s clinic to be licensed even though it did not meet the licensure requirements was overturned by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. When the state issued a cease and desist order to Haskell for noncompliance, Haskell again returned to Marbley, who, in defiance of the intension of the Appellate Court, issued a restraining order preventing the state from enforcing the law. That order is still in place.
Interestingly, Marbley was recommended for the Federal bench by former Ohio Senator John Glenn, who boasted a 100% pro-abortion voting record. A total of $3,000 in campaign contributions to John Glenn’s campaigns were made by Valerie Haskell in 1993-94. In 1997, Sen. Glenn went on the record passionately defending of Partial Birth abortions and cast a vote in support of keeping the grisly abortion method legal. Glenn’s constituent that benefitted the most from his abortion support and judicial nomination was, of course, Valerie’s husband, Martin Haskell.
“Old money” and social status

Funding his expensive legal game-playing with the lives of women has not seemed to be much of a problem for Haskell. Locals tell Operation Rescue that he married into “old money” and now enjoys the social status that comes with it. Valerie is the daughter of a Russian man, Igor Kropotkin, who was born into nobility but was forced to flee Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. He eventually immigrated to the U.S. where made his fortune by working his way to the top of Scribners Bookstores.
The Haskells live in the wealthy and exclusive Indian Hill area of Cincinnati. While Martin takes a somewhat lower profile, Valerie is active in a number of community organizations in the Cincinnati area. Valerie Haskell also serves on the Board of Directors for the Indian Hill Public Schools Foundation to which she and her husband are large donors.
Betas helping Betas
Martin Haskell serves on the Board of Trustees and as Vice President of Beta Theta Pi, a large and prestigious fraternity. His high-profile involvement may allow him to call in a few favors from fellow “Betas” who have achieved fame and power. Some of Haskell’s frat brothers include members of academia, government, and the arts.

Well-known “Betas” include Sen. Richard Luger, former Senators Dick Gephart, Mark Hatfield, and Bob Packwood, and former Nixon advisor H.R. Haldeman. In the media, members of Haskell’s fraternity include Howard Fineman, Senior Editor and Chief Political Correspondent for Newsweek, Avery Friedman, legal correspondent for CNN Saturday, and sportscaster Thom Brennaman. Actors and writers involved with Beta Theta Pi include, Batman’s Adam West, Gunsmoke’s James Arness, composer Stephen Sondheim, and former Saturday Night Live comedy writer Eric Slovin, to name a few.
The mission statement of Beta Theta Pi emphasizes a brotherhood that aids the individual and the building of strong moral character. “Bonded by oath and ritual, Betas form lifelong bonds of trust and friendship which are the foundation of the Fraternity’s mission.”
“From our standpoint, it doesn’t sound like Haskell qualifies for membership on moral grounds,” said Newman. “But it is very interesting that the fraternity emphasizes the notion of bonding with the brethren and providing aid to the individual. We can’t help but wonder if Haskell’s social status and connections have shielded him over the years.”
Racial component?
The Haskells have a history of making political contributions, but to a lesser degree than one might expect. He gave $2,000 to John Kerry’s failed bid for President, but there is no record of him making any similar contributions to Barack Obama.
However, those with “old money” and social status sometimes are the ones that find it hardest to let go of old prejudices, and there could be a racially motivated component to Haskell’s nonsupport for Obama. Abortionists are well known for targeting Blacks. Statistics show that while only 13% of American women are Black, they account for 36% of all abortions. (For more information about the eugenics component of the abortion movement, please view the Life Dynamics documentary “Maafa 21”.)
Supporting medical quackery

The beneficiary of the largest amount of Haskell campaign contribution was a woman who ran unsuccessfully for Congress, Dr. Victoria Wuslin, one of his Indian Hill neighbors. She received a total of $6,800 from Haskell and his wife, Valerie over three failed campaigns. What is troubling about Haskell’s committed support of Wuslin is her extreme political and social views.
A radical supporter of abortion, Wuslin’s political career suffered when a paper surfaced that she wrote for the Heimlich Institute about a questionable experimental treatment for AIDS called “malariotherapy.” In it, Wuslin examined experimental human trials in China and Africa where patients that were HIV positive were injected – some without their knowledge – with malaria in the hope that malaria would somehow boost the immune system. Wuslin recommended that, due to the controversial nature of the experimentation, the term “malariotherapy” be changed to “Immunotherapy,” and gave a suggestive time table for continuing the experimentation, with her recommendations for making the controversial therapy more palatable.
Wuslin claimed that her paper denounced malariotherapy and that the Heimlich Institute fired her the day after they received it. However, the Cincinnati Business Courier published an article on January 21, 2005, that indicated that Wuslin was hired for only four months to do the literature review. It is more likely that when the review was submitted, her contract was terminated because she had completed the work she was hired to do.
After that, a complaint was filed by the National Council Against Health Fraud with the State Medical Board of Ohio concerning Wuslin’s work with the Heimlich Institute, alleging her “participation in unsupervised, unapproved, and dangerous experiments.” While the Board later closed the case without administrating discipline, malariotherapy is now considered quackery, and the Heimlich Institute has quietly dropped further efforts to pursue it.
Haskell’s support of Wuslin political aspirations while she was under fire for her extreme and questionable involvement with malariotherapy and human experimentation abroad is revealing of his judgment, ethics, and apparent racist proclivities.
“Obviously, the fact that Haskell does abortions, particularly the heinous late-term abortions of which he is so proud, already exposed his lack of concern for humanity,” said Newman. “But to support a woman who outlined a plan to pursue such bunk as injecting with malaria unsuspecting AIDs victims from impoverished or subjugated African and Chinese populations shows his moral compass is not just off course, it is broken beyond repair.”
Hurt is “help”
Haskell’s actions indicate a sick ideology that can justify hurting or killing people in order to “help” them. In order to “help” AIDs patients, it is acceptable to inject them with a dreaded disease that will make them sicker or even kill them. It is the same Orwellian rationale used to justify abortions. In order to “help” women, abortionists must kill their babies.
Couple that with Haskell’s penchant for untruthfulness, as evidenced by his false claims that he developed the Partial Birth abortion method, and it becomes obvious that Haskell has major character problems and judgment issues.
It is the opinion of Operation Rescue that Martin Haskell is not fit for the practice of medicine. His clinic operates outside the law and at grave danger to women.
There are corrective measures that can be taken to protect the public from Haskell’s shoddy abortion operation.

• Miami Valley Hospital has given tacit approval to Haskell’s shifty botched abortion arrangement by allowing three of its affiliated physicians to give cover to Haskell’s Dayton abortion clinic. They need to take responsibility for their silent acquiescence and either fire Amesse, Barhan, and Duke or restrict them from affiliating with Haskell. The good people of Dayton should protest Miami Valley Hospital, and even consider a boycott, until it does the right thing.
• The Ohio Medical Board should, in the interest of public safety, step in and investigate Haskell and his hired abortionists, Neil Strickland and Roslyn Kade, in light of the two medical emergencies that took place in March, 2009, for which there is documentation.
• The Ohio Department of Health must rescind their variance exempting Haskell from having to obtain a hospital transfer agreement, and require that he follow the law like everyone else.

The people who support the rule of law must rise up and express disapproval for this intolerable situation that is endangering women. Public pressure is a powerful tool with which to affect change.
This report is the just the first step in exposing Martin Haskell’s shoddy and illegal abortion business. Operation Rescue is committed to continued peaceful and legal activism to see to it that women and their pre-born babies are protected and Haskell’s mills are permanently closed.
Concerns must be raised again with legislators, regulators, in the local opinion pages, and on the streets. Silence only aids the abortionist, who counts on it to hide the truth about what he is really doing. By exposing him and keeping the issue in the minds of the public, it will not be long before the authorities are prompted to act.
Anyone with additional information about Haskell’s abortion business is encouraged to contact Operation Rescue.
While the task seems daunting, it can be accomplished with perseverance, hope, and the grace of God. To borrow a line from a famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail.”