By Cheryl Sullenger
Dayton, OH — Pro-life activists plan to take to Twitter on Friday to call for disciplinary action against late-term abortionist Martin Haskell and his Women’s Med Center staff for an incident of forced abortion on an impaired women, which they are saying was akin to rape.
“Where I’m from, deliberately inserting instruments into a half-conscious, intoxicated woman’s vagina is called rape,” said Kelsey Hazzard, Director of Secular Pro-Life, who is organizing Friday’s Tweetfest using the hashtag #AbortRapeCulture to expose this abortion abuse and call for those responsible to be held accountable for breaking the law.
This comes as news is breaking of a formal complaint filed on Wednesday by Dayton Right to Life with the State Medical Board of Ohio seeking disciplinary action against abortionists at the Women’s Med Center, a late-term abortion facility located in the Dayton suburb or Kettering, for conducting a forced abortion on a semi-conscious woman who was incapacitated by an overdose of street drugs.
“This facility clearly violated the very choice the abortion industry claims to stand for,” said Paul Coudron, Executive Director of Dayton Right to Life. “Informed consent is a crucial ethical principle in the practice of medicine, no matter the procedure. Women’s Med Center, Martin Haskell and the abortionist who performed this abortion need to be held accountable for violating such a basic and fundamental medical ethic as informed consent.”
Operation Rescue obtained and first reported on an Ohio Department of Health deficiency report dated June 12, 2015, that cited the Women’s Med Center for violations of Ohio Administrative Code 3701-83-07, which states that each patient at an Ambulatory Surgical Facility “shall be allowed to refuse or withdraw consent for treatment.”
“There’s no doubt that the Women’s Med Center violated the law by giving this woman an abortion when she was too drugged to consent. But there is doubt about whether those responsible for this violation ever suffered any repercussions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It is wrong just to let them get away with endangering this woman’s life without any consequences for their illegal acts. That just encourages them to further victimize women.”
According to the deficiency report, a 31-year old woman reported to the Women’s Med Center on June 10, 2015, in preparation for a late-term abortion, which included the placement of “a dilator.” When she returned to the facility the following day, she was already unable to walk or hold up her head due to a street drug overdose of Soma and Percocet along with what was believed to be Suboxone and heroin.
The abortionist on duty, believed to have been Roslyn Kade, consulted with Martin Haskell, owner and Medical Director of the facility, and the transfer physician that would provide hospital care. The three decided to conduct the abortion despite the fact that the patient was semi-conscious, unable to communicate, and had recorded low blood-pressure, a danger sign of drug overdose.
The abortion was conducted prior to treating the overdose or calling 911 for emergency help. This further endangered the life of the patient.
There was no mention in the deficiency report of any kind of corrective or disciplinary action. Calls to the Department of Health seeking information about what action it took to remedy the situation have not been returned as of this writing.

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