One of the goals of Operation Rescue West is to make abortion an unavoidable issue. A nation confronted with the heinous nature of child-killing at every turn must eventually either fully embrace it and its consequences, or reject it and take active measures to stop it. It is the prayer of ORW that our nation will do the latter. Because of this, ORW uses every possible means to expose the nation to the truth about abortion.

Show the Truth Tours
In the early 1990s, ORW came up with the idea of taking their effective street outreaches on the road to communities that would never otherwise be exposed to the truth about abortion. Traveling groups of rescuers would criss-cross America, stopping in each community at a busy intersection to show graphic images of aborted children and distribute literature urging the community to respect and protect life. These outreaches caught on across the country, and today many pro-life ministries employ this every effective tactic to impact the communities in their areas with the message of the Sanctity of Human Life.
Bloodguilt Outreaches
It is the responsibility of the Church to expose evil, aid the needy, and rescue the innocent. When churches neglect these mandatory aspects Christianity and do nothing to reach out to the women who enter nearby abortion mills, they become accomplices to the murderous act by their public silence. It then becomes the duty