JeffTT21.jpgWichita, KS — ORW surprised pro-abortion supporters on Saturday, June 5, 2004, in the upscale neighborhood of Rosie and Mark Cassell of Wichita, protesting a fundraiser for late-term abortionist George Tiller’s political action committee, ProKanDo, that was being held in their home. ProKanDo is dedicated to electing politicians and passing legislation that will insure that Tiller’s late-term abortion business continues without governmental interference.
Two Truth Trucks were parked outside the residence and were an unavoidable testimony to the 15-20 event attendees. Rescuers holding signs also greeted the pro-abortion partygoers, including one sign with photographic evidence of Tiller’s involvement in a botched abortion the day before.

Police were summoned by a visibly upset ProKanDo director Julie Burkhart, who attempted to have the police run off the rescuers simply because she did not want them there. ORW President Troy Newman discussed the First Amendment protections for such activities with police, who backed off demands for them to leave. Rescuers actually stayed on site a half-hour longer than they had planned.

Welcoming a killer
America's Doctor of Death
Rhoda Lipscomb

Tiller arrived late, driving past the rescuers while smiling and waving.
Other attendees included Tiller’s new office manager, Rhoda Lipscomb, who came from Colorado to work for the infamous abortionist, and Willow Eby, an abortion nurse who works at the part-time abortion clinic Central Women’s Services in Wichita.
During the outreach, a neighbor who was angered by the pro-life presence in his neighborhood attacked ORW staffer Cheryl Sullenger. The angry man grabbed Sullenger’s video camera and shoved her in front of a dozen witnesses. The incident was captured on videotape.
Ironically, this incident occurred just one block from where rescuers were nearly run down by a disturbed man in a pick-up truck a week before while conducting a Neighborhood Prayer Walk for Tiller employee Joan Armentrout.
Since ORW plans to return to that neighborhood to continue praying for Armentrout, rescuers are pursuing charges against both attackers in the interest of their future safety.