outside the kid rock concertOperation Rescue West displayed their colorful new signs outside the main gate of the Kansas Coliseum prior to the Kid Rock Concert in Wichita on Thursday, May 20, drawing a wide variety of responses from the 7,000 concertgoers.
Although there were a large number of expected negative responses to the images of aborted babies, the new signs, designed by ORW missionary Brenna Sullenger, elicited a surprising number of positive responses.

In addition to the new signs, ORW parked two Truth Trucks in the parking lot just inside the gate. Many young people were noticed walking over to the Truth Trucks for a better look.
“This is the perfect crowd for our message,” remarked ORW President Troy Newman, who preached continuously from a bullhorn as the backed-up traffic crept into the Coliseum parking lot. “Most of the kids attending this concert are of the age we see going into the abortion mills. If we can reach them now with the truth that abortion destroys an innocent life, perhaps we won’t see them later at Tiller’s death camp.”
TroyandCars.jpgThe Kansas Coliseum has been the site of controversy in the past. Last month, ORW threatened to file a law suit in Federal Court after a number of threatening run-ins with sheriff’s deputies outside the Coliseum, including an incident where three pro-lifers were arrested and one was severely injured and required hospitalization in March, 2003.
The Kid Rock Concert marked the first time ORW was able to conduct their activities peacefully and without interference from the authorities.
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