Wichita, KS — Seventy-seven hours of round-the clock prayer has begun at the infamous late-term abortion mill operated by George R. Tiller. Operation Rescue has called for the special prayer vigil, called “Pray in May To Stop Abortion,” to ask for Divine intervention on behalf of innocent children, many which are killed by what is believed to be illegal abortions.
“We want God to close this abortion clinic and end the horrible injustice and human suffering that takes place here,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
Tiller was charged by former Attorney General Phill Kline with 30 criminal counts all related to the commission of illegal late-term abortions. Those charges were dismissed on jurisdictional grounds the following day at the request of one of Tiller’s political cronies, District Attorney Nola Foulston.
Tiller remains under investigation by the current Attorney General Paul Morrison, who is expected to make an announcement as early as next week about whether or not he will file his own charges against Tiller.
Police overreaction was apparent as the peaceful group that gathered for prayer outside the largest late-term abortion mill in the free world. Snow fences lined the streets and numerous patrol cars cruised or parked nearby. Some of the prayer participants remarked that the officers that were seen using binoculars to view the group from across a drainage ditch appeared silly in light of the peaceful activities taking place on the public sidewalk.
“The whole thing seems like a tremendous waste of taxpayer money and city resources,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “We hope they will realize how ridiculous their behavior is and return to doing meaningful work for the City of Wichita.”
The group kicked off the event with a press conference. In attendance is Fr. Norman Weslin, who was recently exonerated of F.A.C.E charges after kneeling in prayer inside the vestibule at LeRoy Carhart’s Bellevue, Nebraska, abortion mill.
Organized prayer times will be at 8 am, noon, and 5 pm daily. The group plans a prayer walk in the neighborhoods of Tiller clinic workers on Saturday morning. The vigil is scheduled to conclude on Sunday at 5 pm.
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