Wichita, KS — As Operation Rescue began their Cry For Justice event in Wichita, Attorney General Paul Morrison held a press conference where he indicated that he is unsure if he has all the 90 medical records turned over in response to a subpoena issued by former Attorney General Phill Kline.
Fifteen of those medical records were the basis of 30 criminal charges filed against abortionist George R. Tiller for illegal late-term abortions and improperly reporting of those abortions. Those charges were dismissed on jurisdictional grounds by a judge that never read the complaint.
According to news reports, Kline responded to Morrison in a written statement, which said in part, “It is another example of comments Mr. Morrison makes without knowledge that are irresponsible…Every medical record is accounted for and with the court, and the court has always been advised of the location of all files and any copies of those medical files.”
OR called Morrison’s confusion about the location of the medical records more indication of stonewalling in the Tiller case.
District Attorney Nola Foulston said in a press release dated January 10, 2007, “The District Attorney the obtained the documents that had been filed with the court (including medical records and reports for each specific allegation in Kline’s complaint.)”
“If Morrison can’t find the files, he just needs to ask Foulston for them,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Based on the information now in Foulston’s possession, two independent judges found probable cause that Tiller had committed crimes.”
“They have everything they need to reinstate the charges now,” said Newman. “Everything else Morrison is claiming is simply a smokescreen to cover for the fact that he isn’t doing his job,” said Newman. “In the meantime, babies that should have the protection of law continue to die. That is a miscarriage of justice that simply cannot be tolerated.”
“This looks like just more smoke and mirrors from these people,” said Newman. “We know Morrison benefitted from hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campaign mailings tied directly to Tiller. We know that Foulston has a long time relationship with Tiller. This continued dog and pony show that these people are engaged in of blameshifting and talking about issues that have no bearing on the case at hand, look like efforts to draw attention away from the true issue, and that is their unwillingness to enforce the law when it comes to abortion and George Tiller.”