Public nationwide is urged to immediately express concerns.

Topeka, KS — Kansas House Speaker Melvin Neufeld has backed off support for the resolution that would have required Attorney General Paul Morrison to reinstate criminal charges against late-term abortionist George Tiller of Wichita, indicating he will not act before April 25, if ever.
Neufeld withdrew allegedly to give Morrison, an abortion supporter, more time to review the records, even though the case, including all documentation, had already been prepared under the former Attorney General. Two judges have already ruled that there is probable cause to believe that Tiller committed 30 crimes related to illegal late-term abortions.
“We are disappointed that Neufeld has chosen politics over principle and the lives of innocent, viable babies that Kansas law was enacted to protect,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.
“Mr. Neufeld’s lack of leadership is a betayal of the pro-life voters who elected him. This is perhaps the most important matter that he will deal with during his time in office — literally one of life or death. Now we have to ask if Neufeld is really pro-life, or is that just something he says to get elected? A real leader of character, upholding pro-life Republican values, would do everything in his power to ensure that the laws of Kansas are enforced, and would not be swayed by Morrison’s obvious stall tactics,” said Newman.
“I really doubt if Neufeld wants his political career defined by George Tiller, nor does he want to be remembered in disgrace as the man who turned his back on the illegal killing of viable babies,” continued Newman. “Fortunately, he still has time to redeem himself in the eyes of those who elected him. He can still show his quality by doing everything within his power to insure that Tiller is held accountable in a court of law. But time is running out. If Speaker Neufeld is truly pro-life, now is the time to act like it.”
“We are urgently asking every pro-life person across the nation to immediately call or e-mail Mr. Neufeld, even if they have already done so, and demand that he exercise every ounce of his authority to bring Tiller to justice,” said Newman. “We remember the Biblical story about the widow and the unjust judge. She sought justice to the extent that the judge granted her request just to get her out of his life. If that is what we have to do here, we will do it and not stop, because life has value, laws should be upheld, and injustice cannot be swept under the rug without devastating effects on us all.”
Urgently contact:
House Speaker Melvin Neufeld
Phone: 620-335-5316
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