Aurora, Illinois — Operation Rescue announces that it is joining forces with Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League, to urge pro-lifers from around the nation to help prevent an “abortion fortress” from opening in the Chicago suburb of Aurora.
It was only recently learned that Planned Parenthood plans to open the 22,000 square foot abortion clinic after construction on the project was nearly completed. The structure was built under the name “Gemini Medical Office” to hide the true nature of the business from the public. Not even the City of Aurora or the contractors who worked on the building actually knew that it was a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.
Since the discovery, pro-lifers have held prayer vigils and protests with crowds of up to 400 people, including national pro-life leaders, who are concerned about the monolithic abortion business coming into the suburban community. They have launched a “40 Days For Life” project that includes on site prayer and fasting.
A coalition of pro-life groups are also putting action with prayer and will be asking the city council to deny an occupancy permit to Planned Parenthood.
“The community of Aurora had nothing to say about whether or not they wanted this abortion mill in their community because of the deceptive tactics employed by Planned Parenthood,” said Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue. “It says a lot about a business that has to lie to get into a community. They obviously knew that they would not be welcomed. Now the community is rising up to stop them, and we need to give these people all the support we can.”
Operation Rescue is urging pro-lifers to e-mail the mayor and city council members and ask that they deny an occupancy permit to Planned Parenthood because of the negative impact the abortion and sex business will have on the community.
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